The lottery section will guide you through everything you need to know about lotteries and what players need to do in different games.


Played twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, Lotto is a 6/59 game that offers the chance to win incredible prizes.

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EuroMillions offers jackpots that can reach €250 million and has seen hundreds of players win top prizes since February 2004.

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Millionaire Maker

Millionaire Maker offers UK EuroMillions players the chance to win a prize of £1 million in every EuroMillions draw, with special editions of the game offering additional £1 million windfalls.

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With Thunderball, players have the chance to win a fixed prize of £500,000 four times a week, all for just £1 per line. Discover more about how to play Thunderball.

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Lotto Hotpicks

Fancy predicting what numbers might come up in the Lotto draw? With Lotto HotPicks, you could win up to £350,000 if you accurately predict which numbers will appear on the winning line.

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Lotto Betting

There’s more than one way to play lottery games – learn more about lotto betting with a bookmaker and see if you can scoop an incredible return on a small stake.

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For those who like to experience the thrill of victory right away, online and offline scratchcards are a great way to play lottery games.

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