Lotto HotPicks

Lotto HotPicks uses the numbers from the main UK Lotto draw to give players another way to win big prizes. It can be played separately to Lotto so it is possible to enter Lotto HotPicks on its own, and the key difference is that you get to decide how many numbers you wish to predict. In that sense, it is very similar to lottery betting as offered by bookmakers.

It costs £1 per game to play Lotto HotPicks, which is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays and uses the main numbers drawn in the regular Lotto game on the night for its own results. There are five options for players, who can choose whether to pick anything from one to five numbers.

There are bigger rewards on offer for matching more balls, but the game becomes increasingly difficult because players must correctly predict all the numbers they select. For example, if you predict two numbers and they both come up, you will win. However, if you predict three numbers and only two come up, you win nothing.


Lotto HotPicks prizes are fixed, so you are guaranteed to pocket a set amount regardless of how many other players win in that same tier. The table below shows the prizes and odds of winning in each game:

Game How to Win Prize Odds
Pick 1 Match 1 £6 1 in 10
Pick 2 Match 2 £60 1 in 115
Pick 3 Match 3 £800 1 in 1,626
Pick 4 Match 4 £13,000 1 in 30,342
Pick 5 Match 5 £350,000 1 in 834,398

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