How to Bet on Formula E

Formula E betting provides some exciting new markets for punters who are seeking a fresh take on motorsports. The sport marked its first season in Beijing in 2014 and features single-seater fully-electric cars racing to gain the championship title over a series of races in ten different cities. Formula E features ten teams, each with two drivers, and prides itself on promoting the concept of clean energy and espousing the virtues of sustainability.

It is hoped that the innovations and advances made in producing the ultimate Formula E racing car will also be adapted to advancing the progress of electric cars for regular consumers. The sport has attracted a lot of big-name support, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who runs the Venturi team.

Where to Bet on Formula E

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Common Bets

You can bet on the winner of the drivers’ and manufacturers’ world championships as well as wagering on individual race winners too. Bettors can place each-way bets on drivers and lay a stake on who will finish in the top three. Odds are also available on the first racer to retire from the race and who will manage the fastest lap.

There are bets taken on qualifying too, with markets including who will achieve pole position and in what times the various racers will qualify.

Tips and Strategies

It should become easier to pick winners as technology develops in this fledgling sport. For the first season, all the cars were built to the same specifications, but teams are now being given increased freedom to innovate. Those that do the job the best will obviously gain the advantage, so it is worth keeping up to date with the latest developments in the sport before you lay your bets.

Popularity can give teams an advantage too, with votes taken before every race on the sport’s official website, app and social media determining three racers who will be allowed to use Fanboost. This gives the winning drivers temporary power boosts to use at their discretion. The effect of this feature has yet to really be seen, but as the sport grows, teams will get a better idea of how to harness it and use it to their advantage.

With the vote being public, the teams with the strongest support, or most active social media accounts, will be able to influence the final decision. Work out who is most likely to capture the imaginations of fans and you may be able to pick a champion with more confidence.

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