In-Play Betting

In-play betting, also termed live betting or in-running on some websites, appeals to many punters and has revolutionised the whole sports betting industry. The excitement comes from keeping track of an event as it is in progress, whether that is watching live or on television, listening to the radio or following online updates.

Traditionally, most bets were placed before a sporting event started, and anyone who had put down a wager would have to come back afterwards to collect their winnings. However, technological advancements and, in particular, the arrival of online sportsbooks, have made it easier to bet on sporting competitions as they are happening.

Once a match or race is underway, many customers feel that it can be easier to predict what is going to happen next based on what is already going on, rather than relying on a pre-game assessment. Odds shift suddenly as bookies react to how the action is developing, with betting momentarily suspended when something major takes place such as a goal in football. There are still opportunities for punters with a good level of insight to find value; for example it may be that you are following a tennis match and get the sense that the player in front is starting to feel fatigued, giving you the chance to back the other competitor at decent odds.

It is possible to bet in-play on virtually every sport and the options available are just as extensive as the pre-event markets, and in many cases there are even more to choose from. For example, a bookie will have a market on the first goalscorer before a match starts, and then even if a goal is scored within the first few minutes a new in-play market can be opened straight away on the next goalscorer. In cricket, bets can be made on the number of runs scored in the next over or the next wicket to fall.

As time elapses and events grow nearer to their conclusion, the odds can become extremely long or short. Some punters may wish to back outcomes which appear almost certain, but it will normally take a huge stake to make a good return. Another idea may be to back a very unlikely result, which could turn a small wager into a very big win.

In-play betting has proven to be a hugely successful innovation and is set to go from strength to strength in the years to come, making live events more thrilling than ever for bettors.

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