How to Bet on the NFL

By far the most popular sport to bet on in the USA, betting on the NFL is also becoming increasingly big business in other parts of the world. London’s Wembley Stadium has staged at least one NFL match per season since 2007 and the surge in demand is reflected in the staggering array of betting markets that punters can explore on the long road to the next Super Bowl.

Where to Bet on the NFL

There are various online sportsbooks which provide fantastic options for betting on the NFL, including:

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Common Bets

Many online sportsbooks take bets on college football and the Canadian Football League, but it is the NFL which dominates the market. Many of the common wagers can sometimes be referred to by their traditional American terms such as moneyline (fixed odds on the result of a match) or spread betting (when the favourite is handicapped to equalise the chances of both teams). Other popular bets include who will win each half and the total points scored, either by one team or both.

Bets on the first touchdown scorer of a match or whether a particular player will score anytime also figure prominently, while there can also be markets on who will cover the most yards, make the most tackles, turnovers, punts, etc. It is possible to bet throughout the season on which team will win their respective division or conference, as well as who will go on to triumph at the Super Bowl, which is the biggest betting event in the USA and features markets on just about every conceivable eventuality, including the colour of Katy Perry’s hair during the 2015 half-time show!

Tips and Strategy

Betting on the NFL can prove to be lucrative for customers who follow the action closely and are a step ahead of the bookmakers in noticing trends or spotting a talented new youngster. Handicaps perhaps offer the best value in a sport which is all about match-ups and determining who will come out on top in the relative contests between offense and defense.

As with rugby and cricket betting, punters will benefit from considering the weather forecast before placing a wager. NFL games take place in the autumn and winter, with the temperatures in some stadiums dropping below freezing on game day. Catching, kicking and passing become infinitely more difficult as the ball becomes harder to grasp, with the associated wet conditions of sleet or snow slowing down the pace of play. Adjust your predictions accordingly!

Accumulators can also be a great way of potentially getting some big rewards without taking huge risks, but the key to a successful betting strategy on NFL is developing an understanding the sport, keeping up with the latest player news and assessing the odds as they come in.

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