Bingo Chat Terms

Bingo chat terms are frequently used in online rooms to ensure that players can have a quick and easy conversation with other site users while games are held. Playing with a wide, varied community of bingo lovers is part of what makes the game special for many club members, and so the chat function serves a valuable purpose. As online bingo has become more popular, operators have endeavoured to try and keep the social feeling of bingo halls alive by putting chat rooms at the heart of their product.

Bingo Rooms

Bingo rooms provide players with the opportunity to interact with each other to get more fun out of their online experience. Most sites will have a room for newbies where players who have just signed up can get used to the game and perhaps play some free bingo. The names of other rooms will give a clue as to what you can expect. It may be that they are simply called the 75-ball room or 90-ball room to tell players which type of bingo can be found, or they have some other name relating to a theme. For example, the Country room at Gala Bingo features a backdrop of green meadows and flowers, while the Coconut Island room has palm trees and blue seas.

Rooms will open at different times, and promotional games will sometimes only take place in certain rooms. Wherever you play online, rooms will be overseen by a chat moderator who will try to get everyone involved and make sure discussions stay within civilised boundaries.  General bingo chat rules include:

  • Treating others with respect, avoiding being argumentative or abusive and not using bad language.
  • Not using the chat room as a platform to make complaints. Good bingo sites will have other ways to raise issues and get support if needed.
  • Selecting tasteful chat names.
  • Avoiding the unnecessary use of capital letters or flooding the chat room with repeat messages.

Chat moderators may prevent you from taking any further part if you continually break rules, but so long as players are friendly they will hopefully enjoy their visit. Players can express themselves as they wish but most sites also have a page on bingo lingo, which carries a list of accepted chat acronyms. It is a good idea to have a read through so that you know what other players are going on about and find it easier to get involved yourself.

Bingo Chat Terms

Everyday acronyms such as OMG and LOL are welcomed on bingo sites, as well as smileys and icons, but you may also find some abbreviations you haven’t come across before. The abbreviations used at each site will vary, but some of the most common bingo lingo and chat terms include:

  • 1TG - 1 to go (number to get to bingo)
  • A/S/L - Age/sex/location
  • AFK - Away from keyboard
  • BBL - Be back later
  • BIAM - Back in a minute
  • BRB - Be right back
  • BLNT - Better luck next time
  • CYA - See ya
  • FAIK - Far as I know
  • GG - Good going (or “good game”)
  • GL - Good luck (also GLA for “good luck all” or GLE for “good luck everyone”)
  • GMTA - Great minds think alike
  • GTG - Got to go
  • HB - Hurry back
  • HHIS - Hanging head in shame
  • JK - Just kidding
  • L8R - Later
  • LTNS - Long time no see
  • Roomie - Another member in the chat room
  • TC - Take care
  • TTYL - Talk to you later
  • TY - Thank you (also TX)
  • WB - Welcome back
  • WDW - Well done winner (also WD for “well done”)
  • WTG - Way to go
  • YW - You’re welcome (also YVW for “you’re very welcome”)
  • XOXOXO - Hugs and kisses

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