Other Types of Bingo

A variety of other bingo games have been introduced over the years to offer something a little bit different to the traditional 90-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball or progressive bingo.

Many sites, such as William Hill Bingo, offer multi-variant rooms where it is possible to play all of the main types of bingo, but if you want to try something completely new you may want to consider one of the following options:

Joker Jackpot

Joker Jackpot

A fun alternative bingo game which involves a deck of cards rather than balls, Joker Jackpot is offered by many online operators, including Coral Bingo and Mecca Bingo. One ticket will buy you nine cards in a 3x3 grid, which must be marked off as the full deck is dealt by the caller. Marking off a ‘J’ pattern will win a prize, while covering all the cards will get you the top reward.

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50 Ball Bingo

50-Ball Bingo

Some websites offer smaller games to 75-ball bingo which can be played quickly. Gala Bingo, for example, offers 50-ball games, which work in the same way. Each card will feature two rows and five columns with a number in each of the ten boxes, and players must either mark off one line to win a prize or all the numbers for a Full House.

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Rainbow Riches Bingo

Rainbow Riches Bingo is a 40-ball game, based on the famous slot, which is offered across a variety of bingo sites on the Virtue Fusion network. Tickets consist of two four-leaf clovers with numbers on them, and players just have to match all four numbers on one clover to land the first available prize, and then complete all eight numbers for a full house. There are various other features, including a Wishing Well option and a Rainbow feature, which give players the chance to win even greater prizes.

Mini Bingo

Mini Bingo is quick, simple and fun, generally consisting of 30 balls rather than the usual 75 or 90. The numbers on a ticket will be arranged in a 3x3 grid and players mark them off to win prizes. Games can be over in a matter of moments, making it possible to snap up prizes regularly over the course of a session.

5 Line Bingo

5-Line Bingo

5-Line Bingo is the name sometimes given to the variant of 75-ball bingo when there is no free square in the centre. Players buy 5x5 bingo cards and must mark off lines either horizontally or diagonally to try and win up to five lines. You can play 5-Line Bingo at Wink Bingo.

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Bingo FAQs

Super Snap

Super Snap! is a type of progressive bingo which combines bingo with poker. Players receive cards rather than tickets containing numbers and prizes are won if they have any of the main hand types - Royal Flush, Straight Flush and so on. Cards will be turned over one at a time with the letter S, N, A, P or !, and anyone who matches a full hand will land the jackpot. You can try your luck at Super Snap! at Jackpotjoy.

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Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette is themed around the popular casino game of roulette and is available for players at Tombola Bingo. Rather than buying standard bingo tickets, you have to buy sets of chips and place them on eight different squares, numbered from 1 to 36, on what resembles a roulette table. A virtual roulette wheel then determines which number is called, with a ball spinning round before coming to settle into a different position each time.

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U-Pick'em Bingo

U-Pick‘Em Bingo

A common form of bingo in the US, U-Pick‘em Bingo allows players to select which numbers they want on their cards. They then have to match the numbers called to the ones on their cards. The game is somewhat similar to keno, which is thought to have originated in China and which is immensely popular today.

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As well as the various different types of bingo, there are several ways in which the most common games can be adapted to make them slightly different. Most sites will have Speed Bingo or an equivalent, in which the only difference is that balls are called more quickly. Likewise, Roll On Bingo is just a term for when games continue past the first full-house winner so that more players get the chance to win. Other adaptations include:

Lucky Numbers Bingo

Lucky Numbers Bingo is essentially a normal game of 90-ball bingo, but with a twist. Players are able to select three lucky numbers before the game starts and if any of these numbers are called immediately before someone claims a win, you can win some extra money. If you match all three of the numbers before a 1L (one-line), 2L (two-line) and Full House win are claimed, you could win a substantial bonus. Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo both offer Lucky Numbers Bingo.

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Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Bingo can be applied to any normal game of 75-ball or 90-ball bingo. At the end of the game, the top winner(s) will be presented with a mystery box containing an unknown amount in the style of the TV game show, and also receive an offer from the banker. Players must then choose which to accept to determine the value of their prize. Mecca Bingo is among the many online operators who provide Deal or No Deal Bingo.

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