Gambling Addiction’s Gambling Addiction section has numerous resources you can utilise to assess the issue and to find help.

Man Taking Self Assesment Quiz

Self Assessment Tool

If you are worried about your gambling, or that of a family member, friend or colleague, the self-assessment tool will let you know if it is time to seek out help.

Man Taking Self Assesment Quiz

Gambling Calculator

Find out how much you will spend on gambling in an average year to discover whether or not you are engaging in healthy gaming habits.

gambling addiction

Understanding Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a complex issue and it is worth taking time to browse this section to help you understand what you or a loved one might be going through.

Impacts of Gambling Addiction

Impacts of Gambling Addiction

Find out what impact problem gambling has financially and mentally, as well for families, friends and society in general.

Seeking Help and Support

Help and Support

There are numerous resources available to help and support problem gamblers, find out more in this section.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Nearly three quarters of British adults gamble at least once a year; visit this page to find out how to ensure that wagering is done responsibly. on Facebook

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