Blocking Software

If you are concerned about your gambling habits and mostly bet or wager online, you can download software that stops you from accessing these sites. There are two different types of blocking programs that you can use:

General Blocking Software

General Blocking Software

These programs let you choose the types of websites you do not want to be able to visit, whether they are gambling sites or not. You can set certain permissions and controls to fit the requirements of each different user on the computer.

Some general blocking programs, such as NetNanny review the websites you are trying to visit in real time in order to judge whether it will let you continue, scouring potentially harmful banner ads as well.

Gambling Blocking Software

Software like Gamblock or Betfilter can analyse sites specifically to assess whether they contain gambling content, rather than rely on pre-existing lists that can soon become out-of-date.

Before you purchase and download blocking software, you need to make sure it meets your specific needs. It is no use restricting all access to gambling on your PC, but still being able to visit casinos, bingo and poker sites or sportsbooks on your iPhone or iPad, as the temptation to gamble will still be there. Some programs are only available for Windows machines and Android phones, whereas others cover all types of devices.

Blocking software is a great first step to helping you overcome a gambling problem, but it is worth looking at the other resources and services available to you to keep you on the right track as you start your journey towards recovery. on Facebook

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