How to Play Big Six Wheel

Sometimes referred to as The Big Six or the Wheel of Fortune, Big Six Wheel was traditionally a carnival favourite and can now be found in many land-based casinos, giving players the opportunity to pocket huge prizes as they bet on the spin of a wheel.

Basic Rules

The game is played on a large vertical wheel, often spanning a diameter of six feet, which is spun by a dealer. The wheel is divided into different segments and the outcome is decided by where it comes to stop, with a small pointer indicating which section has been selected.

There are a number of variations to Big Six Wheel depending on where in the world you are playing, but typically in the UK there will be 52 slots in total, offering six different payouts, and players must bet on where the wheel will stop. The number of segments and standard odds offered are as follows:

  • 24 slots at even money odds
  • 12 slots at 3:1
  • 8 slots at 5:1
  • 4 slots at 10:1
  • 2 slots at 20:1
  • 2 slots at 50:1 (two different symbols, usually the joker and casino logo)

The game played in the USA known as Money Wheel follows a similar format, but there are 54 slots rather than 52. The player may bet on $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or $40.


The beauty of Big Six Wheel is that it is such a simple game to play and as such there are few strict rules on etiquette, so just make sure to abide by general casino guidelines and treat staff and fellow players with respect.

It is important to place your bets at the right time; do not attempt to make a wager while the game is in play. The dealer will be in charge of the wheel, so don’t try to spin it yourself or offer to do so.


Big Six Wheel is a game of luck rather than skill and the main strategy that players must consider is where to place their bets. The house edge on Bix Six Wheel is among the highest of any casino games, so punters may prefer to look elsewhere if they want to boost their chances of winning, but it still offers some big payouts and a fun alternative to other options at the venue.

To use the UK version of the game as an example, the odds of correctly betting on one segment out of 52 are slim at 1.9 percent, with the house edge set at the same value, but the payout is rewarding at 50:1. In contrast, while a payout of 1:1 may not sound wonderfully appealing, the chances of winning are much improved at 46.2 percent.

Where to Play Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel can be found in casinos across the world. In the UK, you can play Big Six Wheel at Genting Club Sheffield. Most online casinos, including Paddy Power Games, offer Wheel of Fortune, a similar game.

Important terms

1House Edge

The advantage the casino (house) has over players. In Big Six Wheel, the house edge is one of the highest in the casino, making it statistically less likely for players to win.

2Even Money Bets

A wager that offers a payout of 1:1. A player opting for the even money bet on Big Six Wheel will receive their initial stake plus an amount equal to the original bet (e.g. betting £1 and getting £2 back for a win). The odds are quoted as giving the player an equal chance of success and failure, but there is nearly always a house edge and in Big Six Wheel there are traditionally 24 of the 52 slots which pay out even money bets, meaning there is a 28/52 likelihood of losing.

Visit the Casino Glossary for more terms which you might find in Big Six Wheel or other games.

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