Skill or Luck

When you play casino games, you always need an element of luck in order to grab that big win. However, with some games, there are certain tactics and strategies you can employ to help put yourself in the best possible position to ride that luck to a payout.

Here are some games that can be affected by a player’s skill and others that rely purely on chance.

Examples of Games with an Element of Skill


In blackjack you have no control over the cards dealt, so you will always need some good fortune to beat the dealer. However, you can keep the house edge down by avoiding side bets and sticking to single deck games. These decisions count as using skill to influence the outcome of a game.

Online blackjack players can also refer to the handy strategy table at the How to Play Blackjack page, which you will have to try to memorise if you play at real-life casinos where it is not the done thing to consult such information during play. The table offers advice on what to do with certain cards in your hand, but cannot guarantee you a win - you still need luck for that.

Three Card Poker

You can avoid bigger losses at Three Card Poker by knowing when to play cautiously and fold. Experience gleaned from playing the game can also inform your decision to place a play bet when you feel you have a decent chance of beating the dealer.

Don’t be lured into a play just because you have a high card; it’s not worth it if the dealer turns out to have a high-ranking hand.

Video Poker

Similarly to Three Card Poker, there is a skill in knowing which cards to play and when to fold at video poker.

Many players will also consult the casino’s pay table and make a judgement on whether they think it is possible to make a worthwhile return.

(Some) Slots:

In September 2015, lawmakers in Nevada set regulations to allow slot machines with skill-based video game elements to be played in Las Vegas casinos.

The aim was to appeal to younger gamblers who, it was felt, were deserting casinos.

Examples of Casino Games Based Entirely on Luck


When you bet on roulette, you are simply guessing on where the ball will land. You have no influence over it at all and can only hope that luck is on your side when it does come to rest. Even money bets, like guessing red or black, will give you more chance of winning, but you will receive a much smaller payout than if you correctly guess the exact number that comes up.

Some gamblers like to predict which numbers will win based on where the ball has most recently landed, but in reality, that has no bearing over future spins of the wheel. This is known as Gambler’s Fallacy, the concept that past behaviour affects the future. It is also referred to as Monte Carlo Fallacy, after a night at the famous casino in 1913 when the ball landed on black 26 times in a row and bettors lost substantial sums because they laid money on red, convinced it was ‘due’ to come up.

Most Slots:

Other than those with a specific skill-based element, the majority of slots games are completely random, with each spin offering as much chance of a big win as another.

Due to the way they are designed, some games have better odds of winning than others, but there is no way of influencing or predicting when the reels will land in your favour.


Just like a lottery, a player picks numbers from a ball pool and wins prizes for matching those numbers. Also just like a lottery, there is no way of affecting the outcome, you just have to cross your fingers and hope.

Due to the way they are designed, some games have better odds of winning than others, but there is no way of influencing or predicting when the reels will land in your favour.

To find out more about playing any of these fun casino games, visit the How To Play section of the site.

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